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False Ceiling Service Enquiry (Kolkata)

We provide premium quality false ceiling service in Kolkata at a very reasonable price. Check our portfolio and then decide, Download it now. Note: Minimum Area Required: 150 sqft.

Best False Ceiling Contractors in Kolkata

Are you searching for a professional false ceiling contractors in Kolkata? your search end here. We are leading false ceiling designer and best false ceiling contractors in kolkata. We have more than 40+ trained professional false ceiling designer in Kolkata and we completed more than 500+ false ceiling projects in Kolkata.

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gypsum board false ceiling

Gypsum False Ceiling

5 Rating

Gypsum is usually derived from calcium. False Ceiling Contractors in Kolkata preferred because of its lightweight and classy appearance. Gypsum can be painted to have the desired splash of color and you can get the gypsum board of any size to fit in the roof of the room as the false ceiling. The false ceiling manufactures in Kolkata are famous for providing the best gypsum board false ceiling. For gypsum false ceiling estimate, you can call or whatapp us.

pop false ceiling in Kolkata

POP False Ceiling

4.5 Rating

Also called Plaster Of Paris, false ceiling contractors in Kolkata used POP for false ceiling as it easy to mold and mount. The false ceiling rate in Kolkata with POP false ceiling varies from home to home. False ceiling cost in Kolkata usually depends on the design and size of the project. Nowadays people are getting more fascinated to décor the wall with a plus-minus POP ceiling. It’s the combination of false ceiling and its contrast that elaborate the ceiling design smartly and make it unique.

pvc false ceiling

PVC False Ceiling

4 Rating

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) ceiling are versatile and making their impact among false ceiling manufactures in Kolkata. It is in great demand because very affordable and durable. These ceilings are water-resistant and becoming a favorite among homeowners and false ceiling contractors in Kolkata. If you do not want to spend much money on the wall ceiling but still want it to stand out, then PVC false ceiling is there for you. Currently we do not offer PVC false ceiling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have specific questions about our Professional False Ceiling Service in kolkata. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions we hear from our customer. Do not hesitate to call us if you can't find what you're looking for.

cssDo you have the best false ceiling designs in Kolkata?

Yes, we have a collection of a wide range of false ceiling designs. We also show the samples who ask for the false ceiling in Kolkata. The false ceiling comes in a wide range of variety which depends on your choice and budget because the cost of false ceiling in Kolkata goes up or down according to the design.

css Where I get the best False Ceiling Contractors in Kolkata?

You don't need to find anywhere as we are best false ceiling contractors in Kolkata. Our company promises to provide the best deal and best False Ceiling Service in Kolkata. You can choose from the bulk of design to make your false ceiling attractive which adds beauty to your home.

cssWhich type of false ceiling is in trend?

There are many types of false ceiling that are in trend. The POP and Gypsum false ceiling is the most common among the customers. These two are cost-effective as well as look good. The other type of false ceiling such as metal touch or wooden are relatively high in cost of false ceiling in Kolkata

cssHow to contact false ceiling manufactures in Kolkata?

You can contact the false ceiling manufactures in Kolkata with the help of False Ceiling Contractors in Kolkata. If you are a builder or working on the false ceiling project on the large basis then false ceiling manufactures in Kolkata can help you to provide the reasonable cost of false ceiling in Kolkata.

cssWhat are the advantages of hiring a professional false ceiling contractors in Kolkata?

People have a craze for false ceilings these days. Because these make your home look trendy and stylish. As well as false ceiling gives a new definition to the room. It helps in hiding the wirework done in the room. Professional false ceiling contractors in Kolkata will help you in suggesting the best design and also their professional approach will help you alot. Also their false ceiling designer wil too professional.

cssWhat is the false ceiling rate in Kolkata?

The False ceiling rate in Kolkata starts from 100 Rs per sq. feet and it goes very high. The cost of a false ceiling in Kolkata depends on various factors such as its durability, its looks, the material of the false ceiling, difficulty of the design, type of false ceiling, and its water resistance capability. Due to this reason, the False ceiling price in Kolkata depends on the choice of False Ceiling Contractors in Kolkata.

cssCan I install different designs of the false ceiling on the same roof?

I can possible that you ask the false ceiling contractors in Kolkata they give you plenty of suggestion about installing a false ceiling which is unique and new. All you need to care about the time it will take and the cost of false ceiling in Kolkata which may go high with your choice of false ceiling.

cssWhat are the disadvantage of a false ceiling in Kolkata?

The people who want a simple home with a minimum budget then they can avoid having a false ceiling in Kolkata. The other disadvantage of the false ceilings in Kolkata that it may take time for finishing. Usually, it takes 10 days to complete the false ceiling in a bed room. There are a lot of designs of false ceiling and you have to be very smart while choosing the false ceiling for every room of your home.

css How much the overall cost of a false ceiling in Kolkata for a home?

The overall cost of a false ceiling in Kolkata for a home is very tricky to predict. The customers come to the false ceiling contractors in Kolkata to have the best false ceiling for their home with a minimum expense. But as they see the samples and designs of false ceiling they end up having the false ceiling in every room.

css Are false ceiling material water-resistant?

The maximum false ceilings are waterproof. Before finalizing the false ceiling, you must ask the false ceiling contractor in Kolkata about its property of water resistance. Otherwise, there is no use to install such a false ceiling which may cause trouble to you later.

False Ceiling Designer in Kolkata | False Ceiling Contractors in kolkata

Homes and living areas are the new criteria of luxury. The coronavirus epidemic has eliminated the need for a house with all the amenities and luxury. Having a dash of beauty, class, and luxury in your own area requires the use of false ceiling contractors in Kolkata. Our specialists have been assembled to provide the greatest services at the most reasonable prices. The meaning of false ceiling is no longer up to your discretion, but it has become a must-have aspect for a home to make it stand out.

Whether it is a children's room, a living room, or a bedroom, the false ceiling contractor in Kolkata ensures that the roof of the room is not overlooked and that the look of the area is completed with adaptable false ceilings in Kolkata. The false ceiling contractor in Kolkata enjoys answering all of your questions about the fake ceiling's material, pricing, and design. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions concerning the false ceiling.

A false ceiling is a fitted ceiling that is installed beneath the room's original ceiling. It is hung by metal or wooden frames and gives the appearance of a low ceiling. False ceiling design is critical for giving an attractive touch to your decor. Sunshine Home Painting Service uses a variety of materials to produce beautiful interior architecture. Our professionals will advise you on the best appearance for your property. Our service not only provides professional job but also a clean home.

We are a quickly developing false ceilings contractor/vendor in Kolkata, and we strive to provide unique and high-quality services. Our skilled designers will transform the aesthetics of your house and provide you with the greatest design while remaining discreet and basic. We also provide Gypsum and POP false ceilings. Our skilled staff will also provide house painting, tiling services, marble polishing, and other services.

Our quality work, affordable price, and regular follow-ups make us apart from other false ceiling providers in Kolkata. We assure to complete the projects on time and will never aggregate our projects.

Why Our Service is Best False Ceiling Service In Kolkata

best house painters

In recent years, the interior of the home has become the focal point of attention. A well-designed ceiling is all that is required to finish the interior with a modern touch and a beautiful appearance. False ceilings for rooms have been used since ancient times. It's only that as time passed and technology advanced, the false ceiling became more fashionable and eye-catching. You've come to the correct place if you're seeking for the top false ceiling contractors in Kolkata. Here you will learn everything there is to know about the cost of false ceiling in Kolkata and the materials that are available for false ceiling service in Kolkata.

False ceiling installation in Kolkata is a time-consuming operation that should only be done by professionals. If it is not correctly attached, it may disturb the air within and fall off. Sunshine Home Painting Service offers high-quality, expert false ceiling services in Kolkata. Our employees are highly talented and well-trained. Because we never compromise on the quality of materials used, our artificial ceiling does not require routine maintenance. We go above and above to give just the finest while staying within the client's budget. Our technique is so professional that we monitor and evaluate the steps to ensure 100% correctness.

A brief about false ceiling

It is, as the name implies, an artificial ceiling that is installed beneath the existing ceiling of the room. With its metal, wooden, or handmade work, the false ceiling enhances the elegance of the room. There are several varieties of fake ceiling accessible in Kolkata depending on the material utilised, and the false ceiling rate in Kolkata varies accordingly. A false ceiling is a roof that is lower than the original roof of your room or home; it adds elegance to your property while giving it an artificial appearance. This ceiling is built of a variety of materials and has become an essential component of home construction. A false ceiling will provide an enticing impression and contribute to the visual splendour of the room.

Best False Ceiling Contractors in Kolkata | False Ceiling Installation Service in Kolkata

When it comes to decorating your house in the finest way possible at a reasonable price, we are here to help. The false ceiling has become a household name for beautifying the home and making the roof of the home shine with an enticing wall ceiling. Our false ceiling installation service in Kolkata is superior in dealing with all types of ceiling decorations made from a wide range of materials.

We take satisfaction in being the best at designing false ceilings. With years of expertise and understanding in the sector, we guarantee quality and satisfaction. The false ceiling has evolved to become the main point of a home. These ceilings are also utilised to conceal wiring, provide fire protection, and aid in sag resistance. Our false ceiling designers can provide the desired aesthetic while also making it practical. We will give thorough estimates that specify the brand and material to be used. To learn more about our services and receive a free price quotation. Contact us now to know more about our false ceiling shop in Kolkata.

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