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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have specific questions about our Professional Home Painting Services in Behala, Kolkata. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions we hear at Sunshine Home Painting Service. Do not hesitate to call us if you can't find what you're looking for.

cssI want to hire your services; how do I proceed further?

Alright, so you have decided to paint your house, congratulations on such a great decision. Availing our Painting Services in Behala is a cakewalk. Just call us up, and our superhero customer support team will tell you how to proceed further. With us, you can expect more services at a lesser price. Our vetted professionals will also help you with suitable colour selections based on your preferences.

cssHow long does a typical paint quote take?

We are the best house painter in Behala, and we have a plethora of choices available as far as chosing your paints are concerned. The amount takes per paint quote depends on the type of paint selected. However, normally the interior painting takes around one hour. The exterior painting consumes lesser time comparatively, and it could be finished in thirty minutes approximately. The duration also depends on the project; the larger the project, the more the quote will take. We leave no stones unturned at Sunshine Home Painting Service to offer you the best home painting experience.

cssWhat are my responsibilities while getting my home painted?

This is a great question to ask. As a homeowner, your responsibilities may vary for the indoors and outdoors. For the indoors, you may remove your wall hangings and pack up other stuffs, but if you don’t, you need not sweat it out as our professional will take care of the same. For the outdoors, you may consider keeping your gutters clean, cleaning up after the pets in the backward, adjusting lawn sprinklers or covering your plants. By availing of our painting contractors in Behala, you can be stress-free as we are really good at whatever we do.

cssWhat advantages can I enjoy with flat and lower sheen paints?

Flat and lower sheen paints are advantageous than higher sheen paints. They usually don’t show lap marks, and they help you with a soft and more uniform look on your walls. Flat and lower sheen paints do not require much surface preparation like patching, texturing or sanding before painting. If you are looking for even light reflection on your walls, then go for flat and lower sheen paints without a second thought. We are the best home painter in Behala, and with us, you can expect the premium quality of flat and low sheen paints.

cssWhich all areas of my home are not suitable for flat and lower sheen paints?

Flat and lower sheet paints cannot be scrubbed or washed easily, and hence you must not apply flat and lower sheen paints to areas that need frequent cleanings like the bathroom or kitchen. By choosing our home painting services in Behala, you can get all guidance regarding applying the colours. Indeed Sunshine Home Painting Service is a reputed company, and we can help you have the best quality paints so that you can have a fresh coat for a new start.

Painting Services in Behala | Painting Contractors in Behala

Are you still cynical about choosing our services? Let's take a sneak-peek into the amazing things that you can expect with us:
We help you with the most appropriate look for your house: Indeed, choosing the perfect colour and finish for your house may not be a cakewalk. You cannot just trust your instincts, but you will need professional advice for doing this right. At Sunshine Home Painting Service, we help you with the right colour selections to add a refreshing touch to your tired walls.
We are highly skilled at our work: If painting is an art, we can give shining futures to your home.
An array of colours and textures: We can help you with a wide selection of colours and textures so you can choose anyone at your convenience.

Top Rated Professional Painters In Behala

If you are a resident of Behala and looking for the latest texture and trends in the market, you can avail of Sunshine Home Painting Service. Indeed, our excellent quality of workmanship and our swift service has earned us many valuable customers from the Behala region, and by partnering with us, you can expect a magical transformation of your beloved house. We take care of all the nitty-gritty and we ensure that no items are damaged during the painting process. We believe in transparency, and we let you look over our shoulders while we work. You can monitor every minor detail, and by hiring us, you can expect a stress-free painting process.

About Us

Are you looking for affordable painting services in Behala that can transform your walls from bleak to chic? Congrats, by finding us, you can transform the entire look of your house. Indeed we have the best quality paints and finishes in the industry, and we will not only paint your house, but we will paint your dreams into a reality. Indeed from buckets to brushes, we are the painters that you can trust, and by hiring us, you can make your home looking amazing.

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