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Best Wallpaper Shop in Kolkata | PVC, Customized and 3D Wallpaper Shop in Kolkata

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Best Wallpaper Shop in Kolkata

Are you searching for a unique and best quality wallpaper in Kolkata? your search end here. We are leading Wallpaper Dealers in Kolkata and provide professional wallpaper installation service in Kolkata. We have more than 20+ trained professional home wall wallpaper installer in Kolkata and we installed more than 4000+ Wallpaper rolls in last 5 Years. Our Wallpaper Shop in Kolkata have best collection of wallpapers.

Get Wallpaper Catalogue and Estimate Live in Whatsapp.

Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric Wallpaper

5 Rating

Geometric Wallpaper patterns consist of playing with shapes and creating beautiful patterns using them. These shapes may include diamond, circles, triangles, squares or combination of them. If the colours are used carefully with this pattern of wallpaper they result in marvelous designs! Our wallpaper shop in Kolkata provide geometric wallpaper which gives a very contemporary look to the interiors and adds an edginess to the walls. They look very modern and are very attractive to the eyes.

3D wallpaper

3D wallpaper

4.9 Rating

Our Wallpaper Shop in Kolkata also deal with 3D wallpapers, which are generally used for a single wall in the room and is one of the trending styles for wallpaper in Kolkata. It helps in giving the wall some depth and perception and gets immediate attention. They are generally costlier than the normal wallpaper. Having a 3D wallpaper in your living room can help elevate its grandeur. Generally ceramic(popular with tile design), metals etc are used for the wallpaper sheet.

customized wallpaper

Customized Wallpaper

4.8 Rating

If you don’t like the available colors or pattern designs don’t worry because you can always customize it! Our Wallpaper Shop in Kolkata will help you design your own unique wallpaper while providing you guidance at every step. Visit our online wallpaper shop to know more. Choosing the patterns which defines you is always a good idea and our team will make sure you make the right choice.


Floral wallpaper

4.9 Rating

Floral designs Wallpaper are one of the most popular choices at our wallpaper shop in Kolkata and has been so since many decades. You get a lot of variety in floral wallpaper in terms of shades, colours, palette, type of flowers etc and is a great option if you are looking for a feature wall in your room. Floral patterns wallpaper are also a good choice of bathroom since they add a sophistication to it.

Pattern / Texture Based Wallpaper

Pattern / Texture Based Wallpaper

4.7 Rating

If you want to add the oomph factor to your interiors then textured or patterned wallpaper are your best bets. Our wallpaper shop in Kolkata have some trending pattern wallpaper designs which immediately attracts attention. These wallpaper make your rooms seem spacious and give it a very edgy look. Using textures wallpaper will immediately elevate the style statement of that room.

Kids room wallpaper

Kids room wallpaper

4.5 Rating

We have to say that your kids will definitely love wallpaper installation in their room because you can customize them according to their taste. If they like a particular cartoon or are obsessed with cars then you can add similar figures to the Customized wallpapers in Kolkata. You can also use motivational quotes in their wallpaper. Many parents love to print the world map on wallpapers for their kids!

Why Sunshine Home Painting Service ?

Wallpapers are rolls of thick paper which are used in place of paint to decorate the interior wall and are sticked using wallpaper paste. Our interior wallpaper shop in Kolkata have collection of patterned, textured, 3D, customized wallpaper and are made by various printing techniques. India hasn’t fully embraced wallpapers yet but the scenario is changing. Sunshine Home Painting Service believes in always evolving it’s services and provides it’s customer with top notch assistance. Customized Wallpaper Shop in Kolkata are better than traditional wall painting methods in several ways:
1. It allows you to explore with new patterns, designs, effects, textural surfaces, temporal colors etc. The latest wallpaper in Kolkata looks very chic in the modern homes and you can see the collections in our Wallpaper Store in Kolkata.
2. It lasts longer on the walls than the traditional paints and hence provides a huge return on investment since the wallpapers last 5 times more than paint. Hence in the long run wallpaper in Kolkata will save your money as compared to traditional methods of painting walls every few years.
3. If you are bored of the wallpaper design it can be easily peeled off without damaging the underlying wall.
4. Modern wallpapers in Kolkata allow us to clean the walls easily. Hence if you have kids at home using wallpaper for walls is a good idea.
Wallpapers are a good way to add that edge to your home. You get so many varieties and combinations to choose from. The cost of the wallpaper varies a lot on how much length you need, the printing technique, the pattern, the customization required etc. We are best wallpaper dealers in Kolkata and we will help you in resolving all your doubts so that you get the optimal wallpaper selections that too in your budget! To see the latest trends and designs in wallpaper you can visit our wallpaper shops in Kolkata so that you get the benefit of our experience and expertise in wallpaper fitting services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have specific questions about our Professional Wallpaper Installation Services in Kolkata. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions we hear from our customer about our wallpaper shop in Kolkata. Do not hesitate to call us if you can't find what you're looking for.

cssWhat are the best type of Wallpaper for Wall in Kolkata?

Though the answer totally depends on the buyer's personal taste and various other factors such as the room you want the wallpaper in, but in our vast experience we have found that the most popular wallpaper in Kolkata are textured wallpaper and geometric wallpapers. Many buyers go for floral wallpaper too but it is slowly going out of trend.

cssHow often do I need to replace my wallpaper?

The best thing about using wallpaper is that it’s life span is 2 times more than paint and removing it doesn't cause much damage to the wall. But if you buy quality material wallpaper from Sunshine Home Painting Service's wallpaper shops in Kolkata do then your wallpaper will look the same for more than 5 years.

cssIs it better to paint a wall or use wallpaper?

If you are looking for durability and then using wallpaper is definitely a better option than using paint. Along with that in case of wallpaper you get more options in patterns, textures, figures etc. Our wallpaper Installer in Kolkata will help you in making the best selection for wallpapers to be used at your home.

cssHow much does wallpaper installation cost in Kolkata?

The wallpaper installation service cost includes the cost of the adhesive (wallpaper paste material) used and the installation service charge. It also depends upon the quality of the products used and size of the room in which the wallpaper is pasted. On an average the wallpaper installation cost in Kolkata can range from 400 per roll to 600 per roll.

cssWhat is the trending home wallpaper for wall in Kolkata?

Nowadays people are eyeing for pastel shades such as mint green, lilac, soft millennial pink and whimsy yellow etc. People are also shifting towards tapestry designs and minimalist patterns. You can check the latest trends in wallpaper for interiors walls in Kolkata at our wallpaper shops in Kolkata where our team can show you various samples of our current trend.

cssShould I use wallpaper or go for textured paints?

If you are looking for aesthetics, durability and more choices then wallpapers are better options then textured paint. Textured paint is much easier to use when compared to wallpaper and also costs less. But in case of textured paint getting intricate detailing on the walls is difficult in which case using a wallpaper is a much better option.

cssWhat patterns of wallpaper are best for bedrooms?

In the case of a bedroom you should use bright colored wallpaper to make the room look brighter. You can use floral or geometric wallpaper for your bedroom with large patterns which will help in making your room look bigger. Horizontal striped wallpaper will help your room wider and vertical stripes will help it look taller. For best wallpapers in Kolkata contact Sunshine Home Painting Service.

cssWhat are the cons of using wallpaper?

The wallpapers are more expensive than traditional paint and difficult to apply. There is a possibility of wallpaper chipping from the corners and it can also become damp if proper waterproofing is not done to the walls or during the rainy months. Proper precision is required when aligning wallpaper.

cssHow much will it cost to apply wallpaper in my bedroom?

This totally depends on the size of your bedroom and the type of wallpaper you want to use in your bedroom. The average cost will be around 50 per sqft in India. The wallpaper rolls and Installation cost starts from 2000 rupees per roll.

cssWhich wallpaper is best suited for my living room?

Textured printed wallpaper in Kolkata will be best suited for your living rooms since it will add grandeur to your living room and also make it seem more spacious.You can also add a feature wall using 3d wallpaper which will add to your living room’s edginess. Large scale patterns should be your choice when you choose wallpaper for the living room.

Benefit of Buying Wallcovering From Our Wallpaper Shop in Kolkata

  • 1. Buy Online Wallpaper in Kolkata
  • 2. No Need to Visit Our Wallpaper Shop
  • 3. Select Wallpaper at the Comfort of your Home
  • 4. Free Installation

Searching for reliable wallpaper installation services in Kolkata? At Sunshine home painting service, we believe that installing the right type of wallpaper can uplift you and your guest’s mood and perception when they enter the room. So, we aim to design walls in some alluring manner that can make you elated. Choosing the right type of wall treatment is definitely a tiresome task, and we take it very seriously and hence we offer you a wide range of designs from your office or home. Our wallpaper installation experts have years of experience in installing them, they are also committed to offering 100% accuracy with the right measurements and tools needed.

With our service, you get tons of choices from traditional wallpapers to on-trend ones. Our experts will also suggest the best ones that suit the wall. We also remove old wallpapers apart from installing one and our experts can help you with that as well. Choose from the wide range of patterns from our wallpaper shop in Kolkata that suits for your home. We currently offer colors and patterns ranging from a wide range of finishes like embossed, fabric, vinyl, suede, foil, and more! Our wallpaper installation will last longer and will not tear, so you don’t need any rework or re-painting for years.

If you are looking for best wallpaper shop in Kolkata and best wallpaper installation services in Kolkata then you are at the perfect place. Sunshine Home Painting Service provides you with premium quality wallpaper that too at a very low cost. Our wallpaper installation services in Kolkata are very timely and professional. We use top grade quality materials for adhesive and prep the wall well before applying the wallpaper so that you get top grade wallpaper fitting services in Kolkata. Our Wallpaper dealers in Kolkata will help you at each step so that you are very happy with the end result and your house looks new for decades to come!

Best Wallpaper Installation Service in Kolkata | Wallpaper Dealer in Kolkata

We are one of the top recognized wallpaper shop in Kolkata and we only work with painters who meet our standards and 100% satisfaction is our motto. We are a reliable resource for all and have revolutionized quoting with all the latest technology, execution, and project coordination. We also make sure that our clients get quotes for the work that we do which makes the installation run smoother. We also communicate with clients throughout the project journey.

At Sunshine home painting service we have well–trained professionals who have mastered the art of installing wallpapers of all kinds. We don’t have any hidden charges and offer the right solution. Connect with us today and one of our expert team will get back to you. We also consider your personal preferences and the outlook for your house. Our service follows a strict quality code and makes sure all the products are of a high standard and certified as well. Our service is also pocket–friendly and value for money. Talk to us and allow us to work on the plan and get a free estimate today! One of our dedicated team will get back to you!

If you are looking for the best PVC and Customised Wallpaper shop in Kolkata then our wallpaper shop will be of immense help for you. Our wallpaper installer in Kolkata will provide excellent selection for interior walls of your home. Our team will guide you at every step so that you are very happy with the ultimate result.

We have a huge variety of wallpapers just for you so that you never run out of choice to choose from. We will guide you on every step and provide you with the best Wallcovering services in Kolkata. Visit our store today to beautifully decorate the house of your dreams!

Know About Our Wallpaper Shop in Kolkata

Sunshine Home Painting Service is leading Wallpaper shop in Kolkata. We are best Wallpaper dealer in Kolkata and will provide you with premium quality wallpapers of various colors, designs and patterns that too within your budget! Our team has a very professional and helpful outlook to the services we provide and makes sure that our customer is ecstatic after seeing our services. Reach us online if you want to buy the best wallpapers from best wallpaper shop in Kolkata. We provide timely services in all the regions of Kolkata and will take care of each and every aspect involved in perfect installing of wallpapers at your home. We will make sure that you don’t face any hassle and hence you can leave all your worries with us.

We provide the best Wallpaper installation service in Kolkata and hence always chose our Wallpaper shop in Kolkata to receive top grade finishing for your walls. Quality material and services also mean that your will look like new for decades to come and hence working with Sunshine Home Painting Service will provide you with a huge return on investment! Contact us if you think your house deserves the dream makeover or if you have any further queries. We will be really happy to resolve all your questions and provide you with the best support from our side. Come be the part of our long list of happy customers who were and are very happy with our services!

We are one of the top painting services that offer convenient and clear quotes, with excellent customer service and professional painters. We at Sunshine home painting service do the best wallpaper installation service in Kolkata. Your long-term search for the right painting and wallpaper shop in Kolkata search ends here.

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