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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have specific questions about our Professional Home Painting Services in NewTown, Kolkata. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions we hear at Sunshine Home Painting Service. Do not hesitate to call us if you can't find what you're looking for.

cssHow much it cost for hiring a good house painter in NewTown, Kolkata?

If you want to take a good facility in-home painting services in NewTown, then Sunshine Home Painting Service a good option because it provides you with the best facility according to your requirements. The rates of companies service are average. For paint 100 Square feet room it will cost you around 8000 to 20000. So you can easily book your service in just 8000 rupees. We will provide the best house painters in Newtown that you want for your home walls.

cssWho will supervise my house if I take the home painting service in Newtown?

You can take high-rated company service of NewTown which you are living in. Every company has a team of painters and Site In-Charge. They are very skilled and professional trained painters fow wall painting. They will first check your house after that they will understand your need. After that, they measure the house and paint your home wall. A superior is also available sometimes during intervals. That is how it works, but you have to focus on taking a good home painter in Newtown.

cssWhat is the benefits of taking the best painting services in NewTown?

If we hire the best house painter in NewTown, it will give us many advantages let's talk about them. They will give you complete safety. You don't have to worry about your family, which will provide you with peace of mind.A complete adventures experience about your new paint.They will glance at what your home looks like after colouring the wall by your choosing colours.

css What is the facility provided by Sunshine Home Painting Service?

They have an expert for shade selection and will provide you with the best facility in choosing colours.
This company follows all the safety protocol, and safety is more important than other things.
After painting, they sanitize the house.
They also have a 30 day warranty period.
A superior does the site supervision during the painters doing paints.
So, we can say that they will provide good painting service in Newtown.

cssCan you explain how house painters in Newtown work?

Panting services in Newtown presented by the home paint companies. If we want to colour our house or enjoy renovation the house, then we can take assistance by home painting services in Newtown. First, we have to contact the company after that we will receive a call from the company. And it will confirm the order after that we have to tell our requirement, and according to our needs the company provide us with the painters after that, they will start doing work. After the paint they clean the house we have to give their payment and the job done.

Painting Services in NewTown | Painting Contractors in NewTown

The staff of home painting services in Newtown gives you the right to choose your favourite colours for wall paint. They provide many options for selecting colours, like specific colour papers and a list of combo colours. So you can choose what you think is more suitable for your home walls. They use proper tools before they start painting. Like they measure the wall in accurate inches. They also use instruments like laser distance meter and electronic senders.

Top Rated Professional Painters In NewTown

In Sunshine Home Painting Service, we trained painters and proper painting training to painters. After that, they become skilled painters. The company will include them in the team and provide a home painting service in Newtown. Sunshine Home Painting Service is unique because they provide you safety from paint and offers the best quality of colours. They use every tool of security like masks and gloves and take every precaution for safety purposes. We can say that we are the best painting contractors in NewTown Newtown.

About Us

We all want a dream house, and a good place deserves a well-painted wall that can attract everyone just by its colour. The paint company plays a vital role in this. Sunshine Home Painting Service is a company that provides you with a colourful wall. Most of the home painters in Newtown have excellent skills, and the painters of Sunshine Home Painting Service is one of them. The company has the best painting services in NewTown. The company will give you the choices of choosing best and affordable option as they have an expert in this field.

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