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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have specific questions about our Professional Home Painting Services in Tollygunge, Kolkata. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions we hear at Sunshine Home Painting Service. Do not hesitate to call us if you can't find what you're looking for.

cssHow to deal with oil paints?

At Sunshine Home Painting Service, our professionals deal with the oil paints efficiently so that they can give amazing result after paint. Also our crew members ensure that the wastage are disposed carefully after the painting job. By availing our painting services in Tollygunge you need not worry about your painting job so you can leave your stress to the experts.

cssIs Surfactant leaching helpful?

Surfactant leaching are the brown spots that appear on the freshly applied latex paint. They are removable but while removal of the surfactant leaching one needs to be careful so that the original paint is not washed off in the process. If not dealt properly the surfactant leaching can leave pesky marks on the surface. We have the best home painting cervices in Tollygunge and by hiring us you can be assured of impeccable quality.

cssHow can I prevent the paint from sticking?

Sticking problem occurs when two freshly painted surface are pressed against each other. This is commonly observed between the doors the walls. There are a plethora of prevention methods available. One common thing to do here is to wait for your door paint to dry completely and then place a wax paper on the same so that it does not stick to the walls. Another method is the application of wax to the door hinges. If you are looking for the best house painter bin Tollygunge area then you can choose us without a second thought.

cssWhat is the meaning of elastomeric?

Electrometric is a water proofing process that is commonly applied to the exterior stucco. This process is very effective to fix the hairline cracks. If done properly then this process can prevent water leakage. Hire our services from Sunshine Home Painting Service to get the hairline cracks of your house fixed permanently. Indeed we have a clan of the best house painter in Tollygunge and we ensure that the painting job is done effectively.

cssWhat is the timing of Painting services in Tollygunge, bidhannagar?

Mostly our painters and painting team is scheduled to work in the day time. There may be some night shifts according to the urgency of painting work. The day shift is considered by the painters and homeowners. When it comes to painting an office, the night shift is also preferred. But mostly the customers ask to finish the work on day time only when it comes to painting the home.

Painting Services in Tollygunge | Painting Contractors in Tollygunge

Let’s look into some of the amazing things that you can expect t with us:
Affordability: Our services are affordable and you need not dig a hole in your pocket to take our services.
Meticulous approach: We have the same high standards as you and our meticulous approach and professionalism will help you have the best painting service that you had ever dreamed off.
Attention to detail: Our eye for detail helps us to fix the minute flaws to give your home an excellent painting touch. We also take all our customers feedback seriously and we believe in improving consistently.
Excellent customer service: We have a customer support team that is available at wee hours to help you with queries and concerns. We ensure that all your questions are answered in a timely manner.

Top Rated Professional Painters In Tollygunge

Sunshine Home Painting Service is the right company to colour your home. Indeed we have the best painting services in the Tollygunge region and we will adorn your walls with beautiful colours. We have richer colours in eco-friendly colour base and we can give high performance finish to transform your house inside out. We have been dreaming in colour since a long time and by collaborating with us we ensure that your dream home gets all embellishments it deserves.

About Us

Someone has rightly said action speaks louder than us but have you ever imagined a painting service where colours could speak louder than words? Yes, at Sunshine Home Painting Service we can make this possible. Indeed we have the best home painting services in Tollygunge and our extraordinarily pigmented colours can bring your walls to life. We have a plethora of services and colours available with us and our team will guide you in the colour selection process.

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