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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have specific questions about our Professional Home Painting Services in kolkata. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions we hear at Sunshine Home Painting Service. Do not hesitate to call us if you can't find what you're looking for.

cssWhat is very important to use quality paints on exterior walls?

The exterior paints are much exposed to climatic weather conditions, rains, heat, sunlight, u.v rays, and pollution. This causes peeling off the paints very easily to reduce these effects which should use better quality paint on exterior walls which helps your exterior walls look bright for many years. Due to the sunlight, there is a chance of fading off the pigment or reducing the pigment. Our company uses proper quality paints for exterior walls. Our skilled home painters in the city are intended to reach all your expectations and they make sure you receive the best results.

cssWhat are the different types of paint finishes?

Sheen looks softer and more luster, glossy finish gives shine to your walls. Matte finish has more pigment which looks more decent on the walls. Generally, people opt for a shining finish on the walls of the living room. It is suggested to look at demo models to know better about the paint finishes. Our best home painter in the city will discuss all the finishes before commencing the work to give a clear idea of everything related to the texture. It is very important to know more about the finishes before starting the work.

cssWho is best Painting company in Barabazar?

Our Sunshine Home Painting Service in Barabazar is a company of specialized painters and renovators providing a full painting and decorating service in and around the Barabazar area.

cssHow quickly can you do my painting job?

It generally depends on the work nature; there is a proper background check. Booking us in we move forward and will promise you to provide requisite dates for works to take place smoothly.

cssHow to select the best painting contractors?

Every company will promise you to give the best quality painting services. But only a few companies are successful in the end. Sunshine Home Painting Service has very professional and skilled painters in Barabazar who are capable of doing any challenging work to give the best outputs to your homes. Our team will discuss all the requirements which you are looking for and help to choose the best model by showing you charts, catalogs to get a better idea of colours and shades. They will listen to all your requirements you need and also guide you in selecting the best products to achieve maximum results.

Painting Services in Barabazar | Painting Contractors in Barabazar

Interior painting : Interior walls should be like that in which people receive contentment in consuming time with their family members. We have various interior wall designs to choose from along with quality paint. In every city during painting contracts, we have a manager that ensures proper working and also provides recommendations regarding colours combinations as per your taste or latest trends. From painting floor tiles, ceilings to corridors everything is done with professionalism.
Exterior Painting: A house exterior is the first thing people notice when entering into a house. There are different paints for exterior painting as it has to resist constant high temperature, moisture and seasonal changes. It should look shiny and non-faded as long as possible. So, we have different shades and quality exterior paint available for each type of exterior wall. The exterior painting should have multiple coatings of emulsions that will act as an effective waterproofing solution, antifungal, anti-dust, and washable. From painting doors to roofs, everything is done professionally and easily and the services are accessible at every location in every city.
Textural Painting: Textural painting is done in both interiors and exteriors. It provides a new texture to your walls and acts as a decor where it gives a makeover and adds definition to the wall. In interior painting, it consists of designs like stripes and brick textures. Interiors can be done by adding new design patterns inscribed on plasters. It can be used to hide multiple damages, holes or cracks present in the wall. The textures in Exteriors wall protects it because of its multiple layers and gives assurance against constant sunlight exposure and different weather conditions.

Top Rated Professional Painters In Barabazar

Why choose Sunshine Home Painting Service? ●We have a team of professional painters in different cities, that have 5+ years of experience and are good at their work.
●You can get a free consultation through phone or on time in your home through our professionals.
●Our team will analyse the situation of the wall and will provide you with the honest recommendation and a total estimate of the service including quality paint colours, primer(in case it is the requirement), service charge, waterproofing etc.
●We have all our professional tools along with us and are prepared for pre-painting stuff like sanding or filling putty.
●We work on details and our measurements and designs are precise.
●We have a fixed price and there are no hidden charges. We merge the product cost and labour expenses and provide the bill in detail hence all of these painting services can be done at low cost.
●Our team works with hygiene and ensures they won't cause any disturbance.
●The furniture, wires, wall paintings or decorative items are covered by cloth drop sheets or moved to another place by our team in your presence. Thus we ensure no harm to your other items present in the house.
●Our painting contractor provides accurate anticipation of the product requirement and thus zero wastage is assured. ●We complete the project in the decided timeline.
● The walls need multiple coatings in certain cases so the fundamental structure of the wall remains robust and doesn't get damaged after some time. It is mandatory to apply that coating before painting so that painting remains intact throughout the seasons. Our experienced team will inform you about every required step so that it won't bother you in future.
●You can pick among the popular brands of your choice from nerolac, Berger, asain paints, Dulux or we can also educate you about other good brands as per your budget.
●We have our own set of equipment like a ladder, roller or professional painting brushes so you don't need to buy for one-time service.
●Post painting tasks like cleaning the workplace is done in every session.
●We have our home painting services in every city allowing you to opt service from anywhere across India.

About Us

Sunshine Home Painting Service provides all in one finding for all the painting services needed for your house. It was established in 2015 and since then we have gained the trust of our customers across the country. We have painting services across different cities in India. Our experienced professionals provide considerable work in the provided deadline. We give a one-year program warranty. We have the best home painters in barabazar that provide home painting in the desired way.

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