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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have specific questions about our Professional Home Painting Services in Kankurgachi, Kolkata. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions we hear at Sunshine Home Painting Service. Do not hesitate to call us if you can't find what you're looking for.

cssWhat are some of the important things to consider while Painting a house?

Painting your home is not as easy as it looks. You have to consider various things that range from the type of color you want the hues you would like to see your home in and the budget of up to how much you can spend to make your dream home. Since people don’t paint their homes regularly it is advisable to leave the headache to do a perfect work to Home Painting Services in Kankurgachi. Sunshine Home Painting Service not only helps you decide your perfect shades but also helps to make an informed decision for the best results. We know that your home deserves nothing but the best and our professional Home Painters in Kankurgachi strive to bring to you the house of your dreams at a reasonable cost.

cssHow are modern Home Painting equipments different from the traditional method of Home Painting?

Modern painting equipments not only help to perform painting services in Kankurgachi much faster than traditional equipments but also provide a better quality. Some of the home painting equipments like an anti-drip roller or anti-drip kits help to prevent the paint from dripping on the floor. It helps to prevent the chances of the paint blotching and causing and nuisance. Similarly, the paint spray guns make Home Painting Services in Kankurgachi easier and faster and give a perfect finish. Therefore, the professional Home Painters in Kankurgachi at Sunshine Home Painting Service, one of the best Painting Contractors in Kankurgachi, uses modern equipments to provide best quality work at a faster pace.

cssWhy is it important to remove dirt from the walls before Painting?

Removing dirt or any old wall putty from the walls before starting the painting work is of paramount importance. If paint is applied to a wall without cleaning the dirt or dust particles from it the paint that is applied will not be applied smoothly and neither will it last for a long period of time. Similarly, if the old paint blotches or putty is not removed and paint is applied on top of that, it makes the wall appear rough and makes the paint look ugly. This does not give the paint the smooth finish it so requires. Therefore, removing and dirt, dust particles or any old paint blotches and putty before applying the new paint is very important.

cssWhat makes Sunshine Home Painting Service stand out from other Home Painting Services in Kankurgachi?

Sunshine Home Painting Service was started with a very fresh perspective. We look forward to not only providing the best painting services in Kankurgachi but also to give our customers an overall experience of Home Painting Services in Kankurgachi. Our professional Home Painters in Kankurgachi are skilled and equipped with the best equipments and we put quality to the top. We seek to win our clients favor through unique and qualitative work at cheap prices. At Sunshine Home Painting Service each customer is given personal importance about their tastes and preferences so that their individual needs are fulfilled for a premium experience.

cssWill you be covering the furniture while painting?

While painting the house various types of painting methods are used. Therefore, covering the areas where the paint will not be applied is a prerequisite. We at Sunshine Home Painting Service ensure that we cover not only the furniture’s of the house but also the fans, ACs as well as the switch boards in the house. This step is very important in our painting policy to ensure a clean work and better feel. Our professional Home Painters in city are well equipped and cover all the necessary areas in the house so that no unnecessary paint is spill in those areas. This will not only help execute the work but also help give a great effect when the work is done.

Painting Services in Kankurgachi | Painting Contractors in Kankurgachi

Sunshine Home Painting Service is a one stop solution for the best home painting services in Kankurgachi. Our work involves bringing innovative solution through the implementations of creative ideas and unique designs. We work tirelessly to bring the best designs and trends in the market to our customers at the lowest prices available. Our services include various types of Painting Services in Kankurgachi involving new and sometimes in-house built techniques. Our customers hold the highest esteem in our minds while executing a project. Before undertaking a project we like to sit with and interact with our customers. This involves a brief session where we ask various questions to our customers in order to find out the kind of House Painting Services in Kankurgachi they are looking for. Then on the basis of the specific requirements we build the layout of the project to be executed.


Top Rated Professional Painters In Kankurgachi

We pride ourselves of being the most creative painting contractors in Kankurgachi. Among the various House Painters in Kankurgachi we stand out for our out of the box work at very low prices. We try to work as efficiently as possible so that we can complete the projects without incurring much cost. But all of this is done without sacrificing on the quality and creativity of the work. With the pandemic situation Sunshine Home Painting Service has also implemented additional sanitization and social distancing protocols. This include sanitization before and after commencement of the work, regular temperature check of our staff, proper sanitization of the equipments used and proper social distancing while work. All the Covid protocols are very seriously followed to ensure that your dream of a well painted house is not stopped because of this pandemic. With time, hard work and creativity we aim to be the best Home Painter in city.

About Us

Sunshine Home Painting Service is a Home Painting company based in Kolkata, West Bengal. We are a start up with a flair for innovation and bringing out something new to the table. Unlike other Painting Contractors in Kankurgachi, Sunshine Home Painting Service really puts the clients’ personal needs regarding Home Painting Services in Kankurgachi to the front line. For us our customers are the most important and delivering the best quality work for their dream home is our motto. Our professional Home painters in Kankurgachi are not only highly skilled and experiences in their work but also capable of working with high tech painting equipment and bring creative designs to every project.

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